In my experience, the decision to begin therapy takes a great deal of personal integrity and courage.  These qualities, which have led you to seek therapeutic support, are the same ones which will enable you to make positive changes in your life and relationships.  As your psychotherapist, I will work with you to create lasting change through information, insight, support, and the opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself.

My approach is relational and person-centered, and I emphasize each individual's potential for empowered change and growth.  In our initial sessions we will determine the best way to identify and frame your goals for therapy (do you need short-term symptom relief, an in-depth exploration of deeper patterns and their impact on your life, a combination of the two?).  After clarifying your objectives, we will work in collaboration to achieve your goals by addressing and transforming the painful emotions and obstacles in your life.

I am experienced in working with individuals on issues of identity, creative expression, the role of religion and spirituality in an individual's life, issues of discrimination, grief, violence and abuse, anxiety, depression, adjustment issues and stress management.  I have a particular expertise in trauma, and help survivors to heal and reconnect with an identity or sense of self that may have been lost.  I also specialize in working with LGBTQ individuals on issues related to coming out, gender identity and expression, relationship difficulties and internalized homo/trans/biphobias.  My practice is rooted firmly in the belief that psychotherapy can help you encounter the fullest, healthiest and most complete version of yourself.